Oct 18 – My Experience as Mayor of The Colony


Bernetta Henville-Shannon

Bernetta Henville-Shannon

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Bernetta found that tenuous balance between an excellent career and invaluable family dynamic.  Some people were surprised when she was elected to The Colony, City Council At Large seat in 1999. Those who know her simply recognized it as another challenge conquered for this phenomenal trailblazer.

Earning her first recognition at 16 as the National Grocery Bagging Champ, Bernetta achieved political success and historical significance two decades later by winning the At Large seat over a three-term incumbent.  The first African American to hold a political office in the city’s history, she followed that victory two years later with her win of the City’s mayoral seat.  “My philosophy in life is that we are here in this world to help one another and not just here to merely exist.  I truly believe that all things are possible if you keep your faith, focus and determination,” Bernetta states.

One of the three co-founders for her chapter, (Lakeside Leaders formerly The Colony Chapter), she believes strongly in the mission and opportunities only ABWA can provide for women.  Bernetta has personally introduced 14 new members, served twice as Chapter vice president, been nominated several times for critical chair roles, and was the liaison for the Dallas Area Council.

In 2005 and 2015, she was The Colony Charter Chapter Woman of the Year.

“ABWA has helped me achieve my goals by the many opportunities the organization has extended to me to exercise my leadership skills and enhance educationally.  The experiences with the Association have made me stronger, better and wiser as a woman, entrepreneur and leader.”

In 2010, she was selected as one of the ABWA National Top Ten Business Women of the Year!

Her mayoral campaign slogan perfectly captures the essence of her heart and drive — “Together, we can make a difference“.


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Social Media is for Small Biz

Karen Liz Albert

7:20 p.m. – Speaker
Karen Liz Albert
“Social Media is for Small Biz”

What are companies doing to ensure they are aware of their target niche market and how are they using the Internet and social media tools to reach those targeted markets?

In this interactive session you’ll learn how to identify the “right” audience using client specific data, various Internet sources and leading indicators. You’ll learn how to create your unique selling proposition and use the top social media tools to ensure effective communication.


  • Identify your target market
  • Find where your target market “lives” on the internet
  • Use the top Social Media tools to rank on the first page of Google

8:30 p.m. – Drawing of Prizes!


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