November 2018 Meeting – Mastering Your Money

ABWA CHARISMA CHARTER CHAPTER Presents  Kasandra Vitacca Mitchell: You are Designed to Master Your Money Are you the master of your money? Do you know what it takes to master your money? Are you doing what it takes to master your money? When the Social Security administration reports that 95% of the people entering retirement have an average nest egg…

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October 2018 Meeting – #MeToo?

ABWA CHARISMA CHARTER CHAPTER Presents   Norissa Stutson: #MeToo?   What if I told you there’s another “Me Too” movement that has been disparaging the business industry for many years?  Another monthly, weekly, or daily occurrence slowly stealing the joy of women in the workplace; instilling doubt, fear, and breaking down the boundaries of trust that are not easily built.  This…

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